Betting is a fast paced business where even minutes matter. is a dynamic video ad platform, developed specifically for betting companies to quickly and easily build video ads en-masse.

My role

As a lead designer I was responsible for the development of the platform from scratch where I created the information architecture, content, new visual standard, and design & animation of the dynamic video ads.

UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Art Direction, Animation (Javascript)


Betting is a massively data-driven industry. I had to come up with a solution where:

a. this massive data is interpreted and displayed in a meaningful, structured and easily accessible way

b. users can easily build videos in order to display in various social media channels (Eg. instagram post, instagram story, facebook post, snapchat)

Also I had to design and animate (javascript) dynamic video ad templates which would work with any type of content regardless of their text lengths, offer types, image sizes etc.

Interviews & User Personas

I conducted a couple of quick, casual interviews within 2 different types of user groups:

The agency user: These users do not work directly at betting companies, but in media agencies that run the video ad campaigns of those betting companies. Therefore they would be the ones using our platform.

The betting company user: These users work at betting companies’ marketing departments. They will most likely delegate the video creation to their agencies but might have to use the platform from time to time.

As a result I created 2 user personas for each of these user types. I’m displaying only 1 of those for saving up screen space…

Sarah McAllister-Corbyn, 28, Married

Sarah works at a sports agency that runs media campaigns for major UK betting companies as a Clients Services Manager. She has to juggle between a handful of demanding accounts.

She’s tech-savvy, used to find her way around CRMs and data-heavy ad platforms; but doesn’t have the time and patience to deal with another one.

Goals, Motivations, Habits, Frustrations are stripped from this example… Image is generated by an AI via


As you know, post-its are the 3rd most required assets of a product building process (for the other two please see: coffee and some vegan stuff like oat milk).

As a result I didn’t spare using them while sorting cards.


In order to show how I dealt with displaying/filtering data (and using that data to build videos) I created extensive interactive wireframes. In those wireframes it is possible to experience the whole user journey; starting by selecting data, editing data, editing sections of the templates and finally adding them to the build queue.

Sample User Journeys

  1. Video creation via data feed

2. Adding new brands (as agency) and sports

3. Viewing/Editing Templates

UI Design

The main purpose of the platform is to help users easily create/edit videos via a data feed, an xls file or from scratch by simply typing inputs, add/edit/delete templates, add/remove users when necessary, add/edit/remove brands…

So this is a feature-heavy platform, hence it has to be clear; users must be familiar with what they experience during the process and shouldn’t be dealing with experimental interfaces.

User Testing (Beta)

I conducted user testings on the Alpha version with different user types (admin, agency admin, agency user). Depending on the feedback I iterated the design (both UX & UI) and continued the process.

Dynamic Video Templates

Well, one of the most important parts of the job was to design & animate the video ads that will be displayed on social media channels to the potential customers.

The challenge was to create visually engaging videos while communicating the brand message and/or the offer.

Here are a couple of videos I designed & animated (using javascript), and populated via the platform. Pure joy…

Final words

The platform is still in Beta version but have been used by many users to successfully build thousands of videos for major companies like William Hill, Bwin, FanDuel for major sporting events including (but not limited to) Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Football World Cup, Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon Tennis, Ashes Cricket, Six Nations Rugby, UFC, WBC, WBA and many more…

…and the platform is also started being used for building videos for foreign markets like Germany, Belgium, and the USA.

Please get in touch for more in depth details, as this is a feature-heavy platform.