Online retail is a savage environment. Converting a user into a customer is a tricky business. is a product video platform for online retailers to easily and effortlessly bulk-build product videos using their product feeds.

My role

I was responsible for the UX design of the platform besides the design & animation of the product videos.

UX Design, Art Direction, Animation (Javascript)


Trying to build videos via an automated platform for specific products and/or product categories is a huge challenge for big retail companies (Eg: Dunelm, Hobby Craft, etc.) as they have tens of thousands of products under hundreds of categories. I had to come up with a solution where:

a. this massive data is interpreted and displayed in a meaningful and structured way

b. users can bulk-build product videos and edit / delete them when required with ease.

I also had to design and animate (javascript) product video templates which would work with any type of product; whether it’s a golf club or a women’s underwear.

My solution

I designed a “batch based template-assignment-system” in order to ease the complexity of creating videos for multiple products/categories all at once.

For example, say you want to build videos for “red curtains, leather armchairs, and top-selling bed frames”, you basically create a batch, search and add desired products, and assign a pre-created template to that batch. Your videos will be created based on that template, populated with the data fetched from the product feed.


I’m well aware that the hiring managers, recruiters, product people are obsessed with post-its; green, yellow, pink. The thing is I can’t wrap my head around the concept of taking photos of walls of post-it notes.

Long story short, I don’t have any post-its to display here, but trust me I use them. Well, not obsessed with them like some of you but yeah… Anyway, here’s a stock image of a fellow (possible) designer pointing at some post-it notes. They’re important. Yes. Moving on.


In order to show how I dealt with displaying/filtering data (and using that data to build videos) I created detailed wireframes for the whole user journey: view/filter/select products, create batches, configure categories, create templates, assign batches to templates, and many more…

Sample User Journeys

  1. Product video template creation

2. Product category configuration

Product Video Templates

One of the most important parts of the job was to design & animate the product videos that will be displayed on the retailers’ product galleries to the potential customers.

The challenge was to create visually engaging videos while communicating the brand message and the product details.

Here are a couple of videos I designed & animated (using javascript)

Dunelm Curtain, Dunelm Furniture, Dunelm Wallpaper, American Golf Club, American Golf Shoe.

Final words

The platform is still a WIP, but we managed to successfully pitch the platform and its capabilities to a couple of retailers, and signed off a test deal with American Golf and Dunelm.

Please get in touch for more in depth details.