We’re living in the video-era. It goes without saying how important it is for retailers to promote their products with an engaging video through social media channels. is (was) a product video platform for retailers to easily and effortlessly build product videos.

My role

As the visual designer I was responsible for the development of the platform from ground zero where I created the content design, new visual standard, and design & animation of the dynamic video ads.

UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction, Visual Design, Animation (Javascript)


Yes, people love videos, but producing them are both expensive and time consuming. Considering the diversity of the brands and their products (Eg.: A women’s shoe brand promoting their new winter line, and an airlines company promoting cheap flights) I had to come up with a solution where users could build product videos and edit / delete them when required with ease.

I also had to design and animate (javascript) product video assets which would work with any type of product; whether it’s a video for a cruise deal or a car dealer.

My solution

I proposed a container-based system where users could easily build their videos like building blocks. Depending on the video you want to build, you could select different type of containers, ie. message containers, product containers, intros, endings, etc., stitch them together and voilà! You’re good to go.

I designed a timeline based drag & drop GUI with on-screen editing features, making the video creator’s life super easy even if they’re an inexperienced user.

Where are my post-its?

I’m well aware that the hiring managers, recruiters, product people are obsessed with post-its; green, yellow, pink. The thing is I can’t wrap my head around the concept of taking photos of walls of post-it notes.

Long story short, I don’t have any post-its to display here, but trust me I used them. Probably the ones on your desk are my post-its, which were recycled and became super post-its. Take good care of them. Anyway, here’s the stock image of a fellow (possible) designer pointing at some post-it notes. They’re important. Yes. Moving on.


In order to explain the user journey and interactions to the remote development team (in India) I created detailed prototypes using both Invision and the conventional way (html, css, js coded). Click here to view the prototype made with invisionapp.

Sample Interactions (hand-coded)

  1. Add to storyboard

2. Drag / remove container

3. Select brand logos

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Video Templates

One of the most important parts of the job was to design & animate the video containers (blocks) that will be stitched together to build the videos.

Here are a couple of videos I designed & animated (using javascript). Please get in touch to see more, as there are literally more. I mean MOOORE!


People do not like to spend time building videos if there’s not a rapid engagement, a feedback response (ie likes, comments, retweets) from a third party (ie. followers). Long story short, people don’t mind spending their precious time creating videos on social media but that doesn’t apply when it comes to business.

Final words

The platform unfortunately failed, and gave birth to 2 different child products; one pivoted to ecommerce product videos (productvu), the other to betting videos (gamblingvu), both doing well by the time I’m writing this (2020).

Please get in touch for more in depth details.