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Many Small Businesses manage their businesses based on guess or gut. They make mistakes and miss changing trends. They would love to take advantage of Predictive Analytics and AI tools but don’t have the tools, time and expertise to interpret data.

Leaptip helps SMEs run and grow their business, make more money and fight against the competition.

My role

As the lead designer & creative director I was responsible for the tone of voice, look & feel of the app, and I created the branding, marketing, and styling guidelines to support that. I also designed the initial UI elements and handed the project to the design team team in Istanbul.

Art Direction, Visual Design, Creative Direction, UI Design


I created a dynamic identity for Leaptip. Since this would be a financial (fintech) app, the foundations of the logo is based on ‘charts’ & ‘stairs’ (which both represent success in business).

Dynamic Branding is an identity that can be changed, but has a basic element that always remains the same. Whether it is the word-mark, text/word itself, colors, or shape; the brand is still recognizable.

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Leaptip is a financial assistant / mentor for small business owners. It helps / guides SMEs with their businesses; letting them to do their jobs while saving them from the hassle. That’s why, I created a concept, in which the SMEs are the focus, doing what they are doing best!

I also came up with the slogan: “Keep doing what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest

Below are a couple of marketing materials I designed.

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Here’s the stock image of a fellow (possible) designer pointing at some post-it notes. They’re important. Yes. Moving on.

UI Design

Besides the branding & marketing concepts, I designed the initial UI of the app (with Sketch) and handed it to the design team in Istanbul. I’m still in charge of the design direction/consultancy of the app.


I’ve also built UX prototypes for the developers to wrap their heads around the interactions within the app.
#HTML #CSS #GSAP #GreenSock

Click the links below to view the prototypes:

  1. Login & Store Sync
  2. Insights cycle
  3. Insights
  4. Sales cycle

Please get in touch for more in depth details.