Down the memory lane

1. Knock Knock! mobile app


Knock Knock is was an anonymous messaging app where you simply add your contacts via social media channels and/or your phonebook and send a predefined set phrase to the recipient.

Select the recipient, Choose 1 or 2 preset adjectives (beautiful, attractive, lucky etc.), Send! The recipient receives a Knock Knock! from an unknown friend who thinks she’s beautiful and sincere…

{ #ArtDirection, #UI/UX-Design, #Branding, 2015, Personal Project }


The initials? An asterisk? A Vault? Yes, yes and yes. Vault is the symbol of safety as in your identity is safe here. Asterisk represents that we’ve got more to say; but you have to look deeper.

UI / UX Design

2. Catch Pink, If You Can


If your target audience tends to fast forward or skip commercial breaks, you turn the whole TV show into a big commercial.

Elidor is a haircare brand associated with style and fashion in Turkey.

We created a mobile gaming integration that allowed fans to win the pink outfits, pink hair straighteners, and other pink items that popular actresses were using on the show.

{ #ArtDirection, #CreativeDirection, 2014, @JWT }


Elidor turned one episode of the TV show into an interactive game where players could shake their phones to “catch” a pink product whenever one appeared on screen. We worked with the writers and producers of the show to make sure the Pink integrations felt organic to the story.

The game used a mobile site rather than an app for two reasons: the game would be accessible on all smartphone platforms, and it was easier to convince people to visit a URL than download an app. Modern browsers supported all the features the game needed (sensor, etc.), rendering an app unnecessary. Audiences were excited about catching the pink products — they took screenshots of the show’s pink integrations and shared them across social media.


285,378 people played the game by swinging their phones during the TV show. 82,776 people caught pink products. There were 50,600 live tweets revolving around how fun the game made the experience of watching a show. 4,200,000 people watched Elidor’s ad about learning how to play the game. Elidor received 634,669 clicks on its web banners. It became one of the most socially-connected TV show campaigns in Turkey. In the year before the campaign, the Pink series constituted 19.2 percent of total Elidor sales; with the campaign as a crucial part of the marketing mix, it increased to 20.8 percent of total sales the following year.

Cannes Lions 2014 – Branded Content & Entertainment Lions – Shortlist
Eurobest 2014 – Use of mobile devices/screens in media campaign – Bronze
MMA Smarties 2014 – Brand Awareness – Gold
IAB MIXX 2014 – Integrated Campaign – Silver
Crystal Apple 2014 – Best use of TV / Media – Gold

3. Beko website (ecommerce)

Beko, one of the leading home appliance brands in the UK, has been operating in the UK & Ireland since 1990 and have sold over 20 million+ appliances in the UK.

Being part of the Design Team at C-Section, Beko’s awarded digital agency, we managed to build a multi-functional e-commerce site with solid usability in 2011.

{ #ArtDirection, #Animation, #UI/UX-Design, 2011, @CSection }

4. Arçelik website (ecommerce) is the main hub of Turkey’s #1 durable consumer goods brand. The challenge was not just to showcase company’s broad range of products, campaigns or corporate information but also design an e-commerce platform as well.

Being part of the Design Team at C-Section, Arcelik’s awarded digital agency, we managed to build a multi-functional e-commerce site with solid usability.

{ #ArtDirection, #Animation, #UI/UX-Design, 2011, @CSection }

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