Turkey’s Happiness

Ülker Chocolate Wafer is a much loved brand and 1,500,000+ are sold every day. We decided to put it to a test and see if it could obtain this figure in the digital world.

And thus born “Turkey’s Wafer” which is an addictive multiplayer game where you challenge random users in a wafer eating contest.


How do you solve a problem if there ain’t one? Ülker Chocolate Wafer is already THE lovemark in its category and 1,500,000+ are sold every day. We had to come up with an idea to grow the sales even more!


Yes, Ulker Chocolate Wafer is a lovemark. Everyone, from a 7 year old to a 77 year old, loves it. So we decided to put it to a test to find out “Who loves it more?” by making a multiplayer game (for facebook). Simple as that.

You simply log in, wait for your random opponent and eat! We also made an iphone and android app so that you could play the game anywhere you go, just like you could eat the wafer anywhere you like!

Art Direction, Visual Design, Creative Direction, UI Design


Since Ulker Chocolate Wafer is loved by everyone, we had to design the usability so that everyone could win, no matter how old / young they are.

Playing the game is so simple and fun that all you have to do is to press the left & rigt arrows. That’s all! With random bonuses and badges you earn according to your progress, we managed to create an addictive game with solid usability.

The video below is a perfect example of a 6 year can not just only play the game but also win! (she’s my daughter by the way, good girl!)

The website

Besides the game, we built a website, turkiyeningofreti.com, the main hub of the campaign, with a big counter on top.

Through the campaign, the main counter on the microsite counted the total bites taken; from the facebook app, iphone & android apps and tweets with the hashtag #turkiyeningofreti.

The goal of the campaign was to achieve 81,000,000 bites; representing the 81 cities in Turkey in alphabetical order. For every 1 million bites taken, we unlocked a “Happy Moment” from the corresponding city; 7M for Antalya, 34M for Istanbul and so on…

Where are my post-its?

I’m well aware that the hiring managers, recruiters, product people are obsessed with post-its nowadays; green, yellow, pink. The thing is I can’t wrap my head around the concept of taking photos of walls of post-it notes.

Anyway, here’s the stock image of a fellow (possible) designer pointing at some post-it notes. They’re important. Yes. Moving on.


The campaign was a huge success. +160,000 unique players played 710,000 rounds of the game and stayed in the app for more than 5 minutes. 20,000 people downloaded the mobile game and +150,000 new facebook users liked our page.

During the campaign the sales growth reached 30% and market share grew by 2,5%.

But what’s most important, Ulker Chocolate Wafer proved that it is the lovemark of Turkey once again…

Mixx Awards 2012 – Games Category – Silver Mixx
Mixx Awards 2012 – Social Media Apps Category – Bronze Mixx
Mixx Awards 2012 – Digital Integration Category – Silver Mixx

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